GHC-on-Windows Task Force

The People

  • Roman Kuznetsov <kuznero@…>
  • Kyrill Briantsev <kyrab@…> awson
  • Darren Grant <dedgrant@…>
  • David Macek <david.macek.0@…>
  • Michael Steele <mikesteele81@…>
  • Andrew Klingenberg <asklingenberg@…>

Should your name be here? Just edit the page and add yourself (and also add yourself to Phabricator's GHC Windows Task Force-Team to get notified about related code-reviews!)

The Tasks

The list of known problems tagged as Windows issues can be found on Trac. It would be particularly great if people with commit rights could review the patches in the waitlist.

An overview of tasks currently being worked on and their progress can be found on the Windows Task Force Fabricator work board.

The Process

For the time being, let's use the general ghc-devs@ mailing list for coordination. As always, before starting any major work it's a good idea to shoot an email to ghc-devs@ and to file a Trac issue (or add a comment on an existing issue) to claim it.

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